How do you measure a year?

I'm taking on the "picture a day" challenge for a whole year. Ought to be good.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We had our final Tuesday night activities of the year and so had our Court of Honor.And my dad and brother Anders played a duet.


  1. woah! you can upload videos to blogger?! sweet!!

  2. I know right! but confession- blogger sucks. I tried using the blogger version (it's this icon right next to the picture one when you're making a post) and I left my computer open all night to finish uploading- and it never happened. This is from facebook. At the bottom right hand corner of your video is a list of stuff to do with it like delete or tag people or whatever and there is says "embed video" and it gives you a link. I just pasted it in my post and it ta da! it gave me this! Just in case you care...! haha :)

  3. haha! that's cool though!
    p.s. blogger does suck!